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The International Association for Counselling (IAC) is the world body for the counselling profession. Established in 1966, IAC is an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO). IAC's humanitarian movement advances the development of counselling in order to improve people’s lives and well-being. Our association and members strive for human rights and the inclusive, sustainable development of our profession through the promotion of counselling, best practice and international cooperation. Our Vision is: "A World Where Counselling is Available to All". Using our Regionalised structure (IAC Africa, IAC Europe, IAC Asia-Pacific, IAC North America, IAC Latin America and the Caribbean, IAC Middle East and Central Asia), our work-plans focus on the development of counselling through education, standards, practice, research, and advocacy initiatives. IAC advances the development of counselling in order to improve people’s lives and well-being. Our Vision is "a world where counselling is available to all." Counselling changes lives for the better and reduces suffering. IAC’s humanitarian movement advocates for more access to counselling worldwide. IAC advocacy influences governments and intergovernmental organisations to have counselling better recognised as a profession. In some countries, there is no counselling at all. IAC helps to establish counselling structures (e.g. National Associations or Education Programmes) in those countries. The rich global diversity of the counselling profession is represented on our governing council and through our large volunteer network worldwide which includes counselling professionals from every continent and world region.

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We are a digital innovation organisation based in the Middle East. We utilise our digital, engineering and technological expertise to improve access and quality of care for those experiencing mental health and well-being challenges. We provide services and support to entities providing assistance to those in need.


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*Affiliate members are those whose national counselling associations/organizations, in listed countries, have arranged for IAC Affiliate Professional membership – for their members.
Countries: We add countries on a phased basis. At present we list Therapists from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK, and the USA
Please note that neither IAC Professional Membership nor IAC Affiliate Membership guarantees listing on the Directory – as criteria varies by country. Each registration will be assessed individually and registration fees will be required after approval of your registration

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for Clients

Counselling is the provision of professional assistance in handling personal problems, including emotional, behavioural, marital, work, educational, rehabilitation, and life-stage problems. Counselling aims to help bring about effective change and enhance wellbeing. A Counsellor relates and responds to others with the aim of providing them with opportunities to explore, clarify and work towards living in a more satisfactory and resourceful way. Counselling is primarily non-directive and non-advisory but can sometimes involve positive guidance by means of information and service.

The IAC Counselling Directory provides an online resource for those seeking counselling services worldwide. It is designed to supply all relevant information in one place (e.g. location, qualifications, cost, way of working, specialism etc.).

Yes, all counsellors listed in the directory have been screened and possess the highest relevant national qualification, certification, or license to provide counselling. All information relating to the counsellor’s qualifications and experience can be viewed on their profile.

For those seeking counselling, use of the Directory is Free of Charge.
Counsellors’ fees and services vary and can be viewed on their individual profiles.

Counselling can assist with a wide-range of issues including: Depression, Relationships, Loss, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Self-esteem, OCD, Sexuality, Relationships, Anxiety disorders, Infertility, Health-related issues, ADD / ADHD, Trauma, Self-harm, Eating disorders, Substance misuse, Stress, Work-related problems and Personal development. For more information see the IAC website (

There are several different therapeutic approaches (ways of working with clients) in counselling including:

• Humanistic Therapies

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapies

• Psychodynamic Therapies

• Family and couple (systemic therapies)

• Cognitive analytical Therapies

• Art Therapies

• Integrative or Holistic therapies

To find out more about counselling please visit the International Association for Counselling (IAC) website (

Counsellors can offer their services to Adults, Children, Young People, Couples, Families, Groups, Military Veterans, Personnel involved in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and other counsellors (e.g. as Supervisors).

This will be arranged between you and your Counsellor and depends on geographic locations and preferences. Counselling sessions take place in a variety of settings including online, face-to-face, over the telephone or home visits.

The directory is developed for the sole purpose of providing a listing of professional counsellors around the world. The directory does not facilitate direct communication between counsellor and client. Contact details for each counsellor is provided on their profile. Neither IAC nor GetHeard are liable for any transaction or communication between client and counsellor. Full Terms and conditions of directory use can be read HERE.

Please feel free to contact us on with any further questions.

FAQ’s for Counsellors

The IAC Directory provides an online resource for those seeking counselling services worldwide. It is a digital platform for Counsellors and Supervisors from around the world to list their services and makes it easier for those seeking counselling to find and contact you.

You will have the opportunity to list your professional Information (Professional Body, Licence Type, Accreditation Information etc), a photo option, Your fees, A personal introduction (About you and your practice), Preferred client groups, Modality / Therapeutic Method, Specialist knowledge on particular therapeutic issues, Delivery Method (e.g. online or face-to face), Languages and Contact details.

All licensed and certified counsellors are eligible to register and be listed on the directory. Please note that the registration process involves providing necessary documentation of qualifications, certification and licensure (where applicable) for the purpose of validation. Additional information may be requested during the registration application process before being listed on the directory.

We are adding more countries to our listing on a phased basis. Please bear with us while we expand our reach to more countries.

Yes, Your profile will include your contact information along with the option to provide your personal website details.

For each country, we have identified the governmental and/or professional bodies to establish eligibility criteria for listing. Depending on the eligibility documentation (Licence Type, Accreditation certificates etc..) various checks will be put in place. Once you submit your information the directory team will process it and seek further information if required.

Please allow 3-5 working days for your profile to be reviewed and approved.

After successfully validating your profile, you will be sent an invoice to process the payment through a secure payment gateway where you will have the option to pay with a Bank card (e.g. credit or debit), Apple pay, or Google.

No, to keep the service affordable and manageable, there is no yearly commitment. Your subscription will be renewed automatically each month and can be cancelled at any time during the subscription period.

Yes, once you have created your account with us, you can log in anytime to update your profile with any relevant information.

Yes, at any time during the subscription period, you can choose to remove your listing before your monthly billing cycle. Please note that you will not be refunded for your monthly subscription if you choose to remove your listing after the billing cycle.

The directory has been developed for the sole purpose of providing a listing of professional counsellors around the world. The directory does not facilitate direct communication between client and counsellor. Contact details for each counsellor is provided on their profile.. IAC or GetHeard are not liable for any transaction or communication between you and the counsellor. Full Terms and conditions HERE.

The directory is a collaboration between IAC and GetHeard. GetHeard manage the directory website to ensure 24×7 operation and maintenance of the website. GetHeard is a privately licensed organization listed in UAE.

Please feel free to contact us on with any further questions.

Please refer to the pricing page for more details on the various subscription packages available to get your profile listed on the directory.